Much public discussion today is centered around differences. People have different political beliefs, values, visions, dreams and goals. In spite of this, there are many things all people have in common: relationships, community, food, laughter, family. One item we believe should be added to this list is affordable housing. Affordable housing is functional and provides a sense of security.

Most communities provide homes, but struggle to keep them affordable. Housing Solutions, LLC strives to remedy this problem by creating affordable homes in the mountain plains region.


Housing Solutions, LLC , founded in 2012, works in Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming to increase and preserve affordable rental housing using Housing Tax Credit financing. Our success has come from expertise in our field as well as strong relationships with construction, management, governmental agencies, and financing partners. Based in Missoula, Montana, Housing Solutions, LLC has experience in all phases of development including site selection, entitlements, project modeling, housing tax credit application and award, review and negotiation of tax credit syndication, the 10% test and carryover documentation, final cost certifications, equity installments, permanent loan placements, monthly operations oversight, and annual audit oversight.


Housing Solutions, LLC strives to create high quality housing environments for those who are underserved. By partnering with local and community-specific housing advocates, Housing Solutions, LLC facilitates and implements long term affordable housing for communities.